To the friend I will never forget

and now I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could. Everyones caught on to everything you do.

It took me three months to get more close to you than people that have known each other for years. I saw all your flaws, scars, and strengths. Don’t ever think I’m exaggerating when I say I love you. When I say I adore you. I fell in love with everything you hated about yourself.


You were not too broken for me. Do not ever think that. You were just too toxic for me.You amazed me in a sense because I know how persuasive and manipulative I can be if I choose to be and you did it every day without even thinking twice about it. You were powerful almost like a goddess. You took your negative and turned it into demons. You created your own demons and you laughed as they lit everything around you on fire. You scared me how could do that with such assurance. I never gave up on you, I never will. I just distanced myself because of how similar we are. Sometimes I fantasize watching the world burn around me, although I chose a long time ago to change my negatives into motivation. Maybe I’m less corageous than you or maybe I believe in the balance of earth and don’t think I need my negatives to ruin me. You’re a beautiful mistreated soul and I pray to my gods one day you will heal. If it counts for anything you’re the type of girl people like me write about that no one really thinks exist.

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