My family

We have the bad bitch, the goofy one, the one that we joke about his moms pubes, the Asian, the conspiracy theorist, the awkward one, the tall one, the hippie, the one that has alternate personalities, the mean one that we all love, the drummer, the one that always has bad allergies, the Greek one, and me (I’d say the drunk obnoxious shit talker that always tells the truth)

We have all been through so much shit together. We hate each other more than siblings some days and some days we get together and rejoice in our friendship with each other. These people have destroyed and rebuilt my humanity in the same day. These people have seen me at my absolute worst and stood by my side every moment.

These humans aren’t my friends because if so I would be able to let them go. They’re my family because as much as I hate them one day,by the next day I realize I can’t get rid of them even if I wanted to. For the shit we’ve been through you would think we would have better coping skills but that’s not even a little true. Sometimes I think we feed off eachothers negativity but more often than not I think without each other some of us wouldn’t be alive. I guess this is just a thank you post to the people who’ve kept me alive for so long.

This is the shit I live for with the people I’d die for.