Fancy watches, protein days, and getting them GAINS BRUH.

So today I felt like going to take some runs with my boyfriend who works at a pizza place as a delivery driver. I’m off work and well I just didn’t like him getting out of bed and the thought of sleeping in, alone. So I get up and go to work with him. 

We are your average early 20’s struggling financially couple. I mean we make our bills but we have low-paying jobs that are very mediocre. Shit, I’m working three jobs and still just have a little spending money. We are for sure not what you would call trust fund babies although I wish we were sometimes.  We see richness as the love we have for each other, the kindness we have in our hearts, and our ambition. 

So anyways, the first run of the day I go on with him my boyfriend walks into lifetime fitness for some dude that ordered pizza with lots of meat on it. Maybe it’s his protein day who knows?? The first thing my boyfriend sees is this man that walks down the stairs in his fancy suit with his Apple Watch on his wrist. This guy proceeds to take his 35 dollar order and not tip my boyfriend a single cent. Maybe all of his money went to his Apple Watch so he could have his health app. All I know is my boyfriend got back in the car very upset because we’re trying to make a living so we can be successful people one day and actually chase our dreams that we have. 

I proceed to tell him that this loser will probably never have love because he can’t tip low paid delivery drivers and my boyfriend makes the comment that at least he is rich in that aspect. I sit and think on that a moment. My love for this delivery driver that’s not just some average punk is beyond words. Our ambition to be successful people and move up in this shitty economy is radiating around us that it is so strong. We work our asses off at our barely paying jobs so that we can eventually own our own business and go back to college. 
All I really have to say is that when I’m sitting in my nice house with all my dreams coming true I’m going to tip that low wage driver well because I’ll never lose my morality and I’ll keep myself humble and I wish this post reminds people to show love even in the smallest ways, because it can make a big difference in someone’s life. 

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